Unique course

The KLM Marathon and Amstel Bright half Marathon will take you along the waterfront of Curaçao, across the “swinging old lady”, the famous Queen Emma bridge pontoon bridge and even over one of the highest bridges in the world, the JulianaBridge, at 185 feet above the sea! The Intertrust 10K follows the same route but turns at the site of the pontoon bridge. The Cavalier 5K is the half of the 10K course. To see the course use the buttons with the distances. The Royal Netherlands Navy 10.5K Trail will take you through the peace and surprisingly beautiful nature.

Fluid replacement

Along the full marathon course there are 16 water stations of which 2 with AA Isotonic drinks, bananas and oranges. For the Half Marathon there are 7 water stations including 1 AA Isotonic Drink and 2 water stations with bananas and oranges. For the 10K there are 4 water stations and for the 5K there are 2 water station. The 10.5K trail is provided with 3 water stations including 1 with AA Isotonic Drinks. On the last 3K of the full, half and 10K there is also a shower lane. At the finish, there is a shower lane, AA drink water and fruit.

Finish on the Beach

The Start of the Marathon is 3.30 am (twice the half Marathon course), the Half Marathon starts at 5.30 am, the 10K at 07.00 am,  the Trail 10.5K at 06.45 am and the 5K starts at 7.30 am. All distances will finish approximately at the same time at the beach of Hilton Curaçao to celebrate all together this unique Caribbean running event.