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KLM Curaçao Marathon November 28th, 2021

All Fees are including a personal start number with bib-tag, (online)time registration, a event (cotton) T-Shirt, free event App (Track & Trace) and a cool medal! Only for the 5 KM and 10 KM (walk or run) is no minimum age. The Half Marathon has a minimum age of 16. The Full Marathon has a minimum age of 18. The DRI FIT Finisher shirt, singlet and Pasta party are optional.

The Marathon and half Marathon will take you along the waterfront of Curaçao, across the “swinging old lady”, the famous Queen Emma bridge pontoon bridge and even over one of the highest bridges in the world, the JulianaBridge, at 185 feetabove the sea! The 10 KM follows the same route but turns at the site of the pontoon bridge and continues the "Handelskade" with the typical Curaçao colored canal houses. The 5 KM is the half of the 10 KM course. 

All partner Hotels along the parcours provides drinking water stations and (life) music. The Start of the Marathon is 3.30 am (twice the half Marathon course), the Half Marathon starts at 5.30 am, the 10 KM at 06.30 am and the 5 KM starts at 7.00 am. 

Entry Requirements:


Cut Off time:  
Time cut off: You must be able to complete the Full Marathon in 6 hours and the Half Marathon in 4 hours. Runners who are reached by the sweeper vehicle, based on the passing-time table, and will therefore certainly exceed the time limit will be called upon by a member of the jury to leave the race and, for reasons of safety, get into the sweeper vehicle. Time table: 5 km: 00:42:39/ 4:12:39, 10 km: 01:25:18/ 4:55:18, 15 km: 02:07:58/ 5:37:58, Half Marathon 03:00:00/ 6:30:00, 25 km: 03:33:16/ 7:03:16, 30 km: 04:15:55/ 7:45:55, 35 km: 04:58:35/ 8:28:35, 40 km: 05:41:14/ 9:11:14, Marathon: 06:00:00/ 9:30:00

A participant must have reached the minimum age specified by the Organiser for a specific Event on the day of the Event in question (for the Marathon this is 18 years, for the Half Marathon -and Trail 16 years, for the 10 KM run 14 years, 10 KM walk -and 5 KM run or walk no age limit).

You must be in good health and physically prepared to run the Curaçao Marathon, Half Marathon, Trail, 10 KM or 5KM.

If you are registered for the Curaçao Marathon you may finish as a Half Marathoner and be scored as an official Curaçao Half Marathon finisher except you may receive an Curaçao Marathon medal. No registered Curaçao Half Marathon participant will be scored as a Full-marathon finisher if he/she chooses to do the Full marathon. You will be considered a bandit runner.

Race numbers are required to participate. NO BANDITS!

Change of distance only at Race packet Pickup day November 27th, 2021 between 8 am and 4 pm at the service desk.

NO race day registration.

NO coaches, skateboards, baby joggers, bikes, dogs or in-line skates will be allowed on the course.

NO confirmation cards will be mailed. Instead, your registration confirmation will be emailed. The registration query is available on the homepage.

Registration Updates and Changes - Please contact us at

Participation is at participants own risk